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Skills-Alliance® associates intervene in companies within the framework of a Diagnosis of a situation, of a Project Management, whether it is strategic or crisis resolution, or during a Mentoring mission, to accompany a leader or a manager.



At the request of their customers-partners, Skills-Alliance® Experts members can conduct diagnoses by identifying dysfunctions and improvement levers, by elaborating costings and recommendations, by proposing action plans, without however going as far as the implementation of the recommendations.

Project management / Interim management

Project management / Interim management

•Skills-Alliance® members lead in autonomy and in agreement with the shareholders and decision makers a project management mission, whether it is strategic in the context of a creation, a development, a performance improvement, or whether it is a transformation project, with impact or in a crisis context (“PSE”, turnaround, etc.).

•A key position must be replaced for a determined time; the Skills-Alliance® Associate's mission is that of a bridge manager. He can be brought to recruit, train and integrate the successor of the replaced person.



Skills-Alliance® Senior Advisors can, at the request of their client-partners, intervene as Mentor. It is an Intuitu Personae contract whose outline and objectives are defined between an individual of the company and a specific Skills-Alliance® member. This approach is particularly suitable when taking up a new position, for technical expertise or methodological support, or in the preparation of a strategic project, transformation plan, major acquisition, etc.

Our fields

The experience and methods of Skills-Alliance®’s Partners, acquired and proven throughout their career in large international groups and in the best consulting firms, allow them to intervene today in all fields and all phases of a company’s life cycle, from conception to transmission, through the development, optimization and transformation phases.

Creation / start up

Your company wants to launch a new product, a new service or develop a new activity.

You want to register patents, search for financial and industrial partners, define a business model, a marketing strategy, a business plan. Create a new structure, recruit the first employees, negotiate the first contracts…).

Growth & international development

Your company is in a growth phase and your strategy is focused on internal or external growth and internationalization.

You wish to diversify your activities, conquer new markets, launch a new product or service, increase your production capacity, integrate a new entity, set up and structure a subsidiary abroad, negotiate the first contracts.

Performance Improvement, Costs reduction and structures optimization

Your company has reached its maturity phase, your strategy is now focused on the optimization and performance of your organization and your results.

You wish to reorganize commercial and industrial activities, customer or administrative services; improve the operational performance of your teams (production – planning, logistics, purchasing, supply, quality, methods, R&D, administrative and commercial, … ); implement an efficient operational management system (KPI), a dynamic of operational excellence, a Lean manufacturing / Lean management program, production management tools (Lean-six sigma, SMED, TRS, 5S, …), optimize your productivity, your company’s financial performance (EBITDA, P&L, cash-flow, …), your supply chain, your processes (Business Process Reengineering).

Turnaround & Restructuring

Your company is looking for a new start a new growth cycle, your strategy consists in piloting the actions that will allow you to regain the confidence of your customers and suppliers and to ind the path to profitability and development.

You are looking to restructure your activities, revitalize an underperforming activity, sell a loss-making activity, restructure a debt, relocate an activity, close a site.

Crisis management

Your company is facing a crisis; ; for a strategic point of view, you need to act quickly to preserve the interests of the stakeholders.

You have to implement a redundancy plan.


Change management & transformation

The markets and the needs of your customers and employees are evolving, your strategy is to re direct your business model, align your organization with the new requirements of your employees and adjust your offer to the new needs of your customers.

You wish to accelerate your digital transformation, to pivot your business model, to align your organization with the new ways of working, to set up collaborative tools, a new ERP…


Strategic project management

Your company has to face new challenges, you have to manage strategic projects for your company.

You want to raise funds, sell an asset, make an acquisition, integrate a new entity (post-acquisition integration), relocate an activity, create a Shared Service Center (SSC)…


Environmental project management

Your company wants to reduce its environmental footprint.

You want to conduct a diagnosis, define, and implement a CSR-CSR project, transform your organization towards a responsible model, define and implement a strategy to fight against the climate crisis.


Skills acquisition

You wish to acquire the skills of an expert to reinforce your teams or replace an unavailable team member. Or you wish to be accompanied by a Senior Advisor to conduct a reflection (transmission of company, development of a strategic project, …) or within the framework of a new function…


Skills-Alliance® Associates intervene in distinct functions as Generalists or Functional Experts in all types of organizations in France and abroad.

General Management and Generalists

General Manager / Deputy General Management
General Management and Business Development

General Management and Performance Improvement

General Management and Crisis Management
Business unit manager

Direction de Business Unit

Operations manager

Transformation manager

Strategic project manager

Functional Departments and Experts*

Industrial Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Administrative and Financial Manager

Human Resources Manager

Communication Manager

Sales and Marketing Manager

*Skills-Alliance® constantly adds new Associates. Please contact us for the list of available expertise.

Sectors of activity and references

Aeronautics / Aerospace / Defense
Food and beverage / Wine and spirits
Automotive / Mobility
Chemicals / Pharma / Health
Building industry
Energy & Utilities
Industrial / Consumer Equipment
Packaging / Paper Industry
Mining / Metallurgy
Oil & Gas
Retail / Luxury / Personal equipment - Home
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